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Hello dear visitors of this great website from the great group of the world working for the welfare of humanity up to its best.Now this group may not be too much popular but in comming era it will create a lot of revolutions in the world so be prepared for these revolutions and come with us having great hopes and imbitions.KFR is a great logo from three great members who are imbitious with their best powers to do all the great things for the loving people of this world.


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                        K                                 F                                    R

 K: Member is Muhammad Kashif

                       F: Member is Farid Ahmad

                                     R: Member is Abd-ur-Rouf

This group is imbitious to solve all of your problems regarding to the both sof tware and hardware as its member are highly trained and are perfectly masters of "IT" information technology.

 Thanks to all the visitors!!

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